Game over. Novitec Rosso N Largo. This things a monster


Yes, please. 

BMW S55 Engine! Going to put these bad boys in the new M3/M4’s. 

One of my favorite, if not my favorite, Mercedes. The CLK 63 Black Series. 

Yes! Supra’s!

(Source: supercars-photography)

Monster CLS63 AMG - Loud Accelerations/Burnouts/Downshifts

[Credit: Willem]

The Almighty P1

(Source: w-0nders, via supercars-photography)

Northern Lights CLA. 

Anyone a fan of this color? Looks pretty good to me!

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via ICK Photography

Porsche. A hybrid supercar. 

Such a great car!

(via machines-or-art)

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